Anta Pedra do Alagar

ALSO: Anta da Cerca da Francisquinha

There’s little left of the original construction of this tomb. It’s somewhat forlorn and tattered from age and raiding. However, it has been recently refurbished and it seems to sit a little more upright and enjoy its place on the top of a hill in the Algarve sunshine. It’s a pleasant journey to visit the site, and the peacefulness of the surrounding forested hills are an added plus to the haggard remains of this prehistoric burial site.

There are about 4 uprights (orthostats/esteios) remaining around the chamber of this anta, with little remaining of the corridor. There is some remnant of the original mound, including some surrounding stones of its peripheral ring. The construction of the tomb places it at late Neolithic or Chalcolithic construction.


The anta is north of the M504 between Ameixial and Corte de Ouro or Corte João Marques. From the (paved) M504, it’s a short drive along a dirt road.


The anta is easily reachable by dirt road. The final few meters are easily walkable.


There are signs pointing the turnoff from the M504 (which is about 3.5km east of the N2 through Ameixial, or about 750m west of Corte de Ouro). From there you have to follow a GPS (or follow your nose: the main turn is a sharp hitch to the left about 1km along, and then another left about another 400m further). Once you get to the anta, there’s a good information board in English and Portuguese.


  • Entry (in English) from the Megalithic Portal
  • Description (in English) from Geoparque Algarvensis
  • News article (in English) about the renovations in 2021 from Sul Informação
  • Article (in Portuguese) from Town Council of Loulé
  • Description (in Portuguese) from Archaeological Portal of Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage


The Anta do Beringel is nearby. It’s not far to the Anta das Pedras Altas or the Anta da Masmorra.

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