This page lists several Portugal maps to help you find locations: the site’s Marker Map, Districts of Portugal, and Traditional Provinces

1) Marker Map


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  • Any sites that have been documented on this website will have a yellow highlight on their marker.
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2) Districts of Portugal

Portugal’s administrative divisions operate at many levels. Officially, continental Portugal (one of the three main divisions of the country, along with the A├žores and Madeira) has a top-level administrative division consists of municipalities and parishes. These are quite small regions, so this site will use Portugal’s divisions (which still exist but no longer have official administrative functions).

Districts of Portugal (by Paclopes, Wikimedia Commons, Licenced CC0/Public Domain)

3) Traditional Provinces

Most tourist guides and many books and references will list the historical, traditional provinces of Portugal. They are no longer officially used, but are helpful as references and are used as tags on this website. This map is a rough guide to the traditional provinces, overlaid onto the districts. (See Wikipedia for more detailed information.)