Prehistoric Portugal: an amateur passion project

The author enjoying the view from one of his favorite prehistoric spots!

This website is the work of John Iglar. I’m an English-speaking immigrant in Portugal who has become completely enthralled by the incredible history (as well as culture and people) of this land. In particular, the immense wealth of prehistoric sites fascinates me. There is a good deal of information published in English about Portugal’s history from the Roman period to the modern day, but most of the information about Portugal’s prehistory is limited to Portuguese sources, and much of that is academic and only well known to professionals.

My goal is to make the amazing prehistoric legacy of Portugal easily available to English speakers, and eventually (as my Portuguese improves!) to Portuguese speakers. I hope to document all of the sites and resources of information (text, images, maps, videos, etc.) that exist!

Being the work of one person, this will take years to eventually catalogue, describe, and photograph all the thousands of sites around the country. Any individual willing to contribute to this effort is very welcome to contact me: just use the form below

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