Portugal has a vast collection of museums. Here, we focus on museums that have prehistoric collections or which are focused on prehistory.

You can use the map at the right to search for specific museums or browse through the entries below. More posts are added as sites get visited.

(NOTE: the national museum of archaeology has been closed for renovations and won’t reopen until 2025. When it does, we’ll be sure to visit and include it here.)

  • Silves Municipal Archaeology Museum

    Silves Municipal Archaeology Museum

    The building itself of this fascinating museum includes its own National Monument, the cistern well in the centre of the building. Surrounding it, a collection traces the history of this ancient city and region, from prehistoric to modern times. When you enter the museum, you start in the prehistoric section. This first section is full…

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  • Town Museum of Cascais

    Town Museum of Cascais

    Wander through the exhibits of the Town Museum (Museu da Vila) in Cascais, and learn (in English as well as Portuguese) about the history of this fascinating and beautiful town. There are a number of significant prehistoric artifacts on display, found in various artificial caves from around the area. The displays are labeled in both…

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  • Trilobite Museum

    Trilobite Museum

    In the gallery, the rectangular sheets of black rock line the walls all around. White-grey images adorn each one. Some are of individual animals, others of groups. Many simply show the trilobites as they had lived (or at least, as they had died). Others showed evidence of specific behaviours such as traveling in a column,…

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