Anta do Monte dos Soldos

Also known as: Anta do Outeiro de Santa Clara

An anta (or dolmen) with a polygonal chamber, seven uprights and an intact capstone. Its corridor has two existing uprights and a covering stone to the side. It’s on private land the capstone is lined with small stones, probably from the nearby field.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this anta (or dolmen) is the uncertainty of its name. In 1933, Manuel Heleno identified it as Anta do Outeiro de Santa Clara, but was vague about its location. Leonor Rocha relocated it as the Anta do Monte dos Soldos in 2002, but Manuel Calado in 2005 mentions two monuments: Soldos (close to this location) and Santa Clara, about 1.2km away. Rocha’s blogpost (of 2011) says the matter should be cleared up.


In the Alentejo region, District of Évora, municipality of Arraiolos. It’s just West of the town of Sabugueiro.


The anta is right along the road. It’s on private land, behind a fence.


There are no signs for the anta.


  • blogpost (in Portuguese) by Leonor Rocha
  • Description (in Portuguese) from Archaeologists’ Portal of the Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage


There are prehistoric sites all around the region. The closest is the Anta da Comenda Grande, along the same road West towards São Geraldo. There are also two others outside the town of Gafanhoeira, east along the road towards Arraiolas.

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