Antas da Lapeira

Also known as: Antas da Tapada

As you drive out of Pavia, heading towards Estremoz, it’s tempting to put the boot down and save time. But slow down and look to your left. Less than a kilometer out of town, lies a beautiful example of prehistoric architecture. Nestled under a tree, on a small hill, lies the first Anta da Lapeira. Cars and trucks go whizzing past, but the dolmen remains.

Lapeira 1 is the main anta (or dolmen) in a group of three on the same (private) property. It’s quite complete, with seven uprights and an intact capstone. It’s about 3.4m in diameter and about 2.5m tall. The chamber is polygonal, with a possible corridor.

Lapeira 2 is further away, smaller (2m), and less well-preserved. It lacks its capstone and only three of its wall stones are still upright. Lapeira 3, also called the Anta dos Covatos, is further away from the other two, closer to the Têra stream.

The antas were identified in 1921 by Vérgilio Correira. Lapeira 1 was found being used as a pigsty. Excavations of the first anta produced no artefacts, but pottery fragments, stone axes and flint blades were found at the others.


In Alentejo region, district of Évora, municipality of Mora, parish of Pavia. The dolmen is about 800m out of the town of Pavia, along the N251 towards Vimieiro/Estremoz.


The anta is on the left side of the road, on private property. It is possible to see it quite well from the roadside, and just before reaching the anta there is an entrance gate to the neighbouring property where it’s possible to pull off.


There are no signs.


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The Anta-Capela de São Dinis is very nearby in the centre of Pavia. There are many prehistoric sites in the vicinity!

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