Anta da Comenda Grande

Also known as: Anta da Herdade das Comendas

It’s not a famous site, or one particularly noteworthy for archaeological artefacts. The farmer’s fence keeps you from walking in and around the stones. It’s easy to overlook while rushing down the road. But, if you take the time to stop and walk along the edge of the field, you’ll be able to admire this lovely chamber tomb while listening to the jangling bells of the cows, admiring the cork oak trees, and enjoying the warmth of the Alentejo sun.

This anta (or dolmen) was identified by archaeologists as early as 1900 (José Leite de Vasconcelos) but has been given various names over the years. It’s current designation leads to confusion with the nearby (and more famous and imposing) Anta Grande da Comenda da Igreja.

This anta, from the late neolithic/chalcolithic period (4000 – 2000 BC), has a polygonal chamber and the remains of a corridor. It retains many of its original upright pillars, along with the capstone. It’s 1.65m tall and has a maximum width of 1.9m.


The anta is in the Alentejo, Évora district. In the municipality of Montemar-o-Novo. The nearest town is São Geraldo, which is located at km 505 on Portugal’s iconic Estrada Nacional 2 (N2). It’s 1.2 km along the road which runs east of the N2, from São Geraldo towards Sabugueiro.


The anta is easily visible along the road, but the nearest place to park a car is a side road about 500m away. It’s a flat walk along the road to the anta. The fence along the road has no gate to provide access.


There are no road signs for the anta. There is a signboard along the fence near the anta with some information. (The sign is fairly hidden behind trees/bushes.)


  • Entry (in English) in the Megalithic Portal
  • Description (in Portuguese) from Archaeologists’ Portal of the Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage
  • Designation (in Portuguese) as a national monument by the Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage


There are loads of prehistoric sites in the area. The nearest are the Anta de Estanque in São Geraldo (incorporated into a building!), and the majestic Anta Grande da Comenda da Igreja (not to be confused with this one!), just south of São Geraldo.

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