City Museum of Cascais

Wander through the exhibits of the City Museum (Museu da Vila) in Cascais, and learn (in English as well as Portuguese) about the history of this fascinating and beautiful town. There are a number of significant prehistoric artifacts on display, found in various artificial caves from around the area.

The displays are labeled in both Portuguese and English, and include evidence of human settlement in the Cascais area from Paleolithic times to the present. Most artefacts come from natural and artificial (human dug) caves along the coast line, which served as burial sites. Some of the sites are still in existence and can be visited, while others are closed and others have been destroyed (either through natural erosion or through human development).

The museum tells the whole story of Cascais, from prehistoric times to the present day. It’s an excellent museum, with interactive displays, audio-visual presentations, etc. as well as displays of artefacts. There is also a nice museum shop, with some books (in Portuguese) on the prehistoric artefacts and the excavations of nearby caves.


The “Museu da Vila” is in the building of the Town Hall (“Câmara Municipal”) of Cascais. This is centrally located in Cascais, an oceanfront town west of Lisbon and south of Sintra. The museum is on the main plaza, Praça 5 de Outubro, right next to the main town beach.


The museum is open Tuesdays through Sundays, 10h00-18h00. Entrance is free.



A short walk away are the Poço Velho caves, which are visitable. There are also Roman cetárias (tanks for salting fish) just around the corner.

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