Interactive Megalithic Museum

Name in Portuguese: Museu Interativo do Megalitismo de Mora

Step inside the old railway station, and the learning experience begins. A museum focused on antiquity is housed in a building that has been architecturally updated to the 21st century. High technology is used to immerse the visitor into the life and experiences of prehistoric peoples. It’s a fascinating experience in a uniquely designed space.

From the information plaque outside the museum:

Inaugurated on 15th September 2016, the Interactive Megalithic Museum integrated and rehabilitated the old Mora train station and two new spaces were built, one of which houses the museum. Throughout the exhibition there are interactive screens, an archaeological excavations simulator, and many other surprising resources to help understand Life, Death and Contemplation in the Neolithic, and decipher the hundreds of objects integrated in the Museum’s collection, some older than six thousand years.

City Talks Mora – Câmara Municipal de Mora

A visit starts with an animated video in 3D (without modern language) attempting to display life during neolithic times. Then you are free to wander through the exhibition, labeled in Portuguese and in English, which is arranged in sections focusing on Life, Death, and Contemplation. Dioramas show what life was like for people in the neolithic times, and there are many artefacts on display from megalithic sites around the region.

Besides traditional displays, there are numerous interactive screens that allow you to explore elements of the megalithic and neolithic world. Settings can switch between English and Portuguese, and you can read information about various aspects of the prehistoric world, as well as see images, videos and actual artefacts as well.

The museum has multiple interactive displays with information (in English and Portuguese) and artefacts

At the other end of the building is the “activity room,” which has games and hands-on activities aimed at visiting school groups. There is also a research room, with hundreds of books and specialised publications, and an internet-enabled “co-working space” room.

The museum is a beautiful space, with fascinating architecture and intriguing designs. Even if you weren’t interested in prehistory or megalithism, the building and design is worth seeing. And the information and experiences the place offers for anyone interested in prehistory or megalithism makes it a must-see!


The municipality of Mora is in the Alentejo region, district of Évora. The museum is in the centre of the town, housed in the old railway station. The museum is well signposted in the town, and on the main road passing through Mora.


The museum is open every day except Mondays, from 10:00 to 12:30 and 13:30 until 17:30. (It’s closed at Christmas and New Year’s Day.) Admission is €4.00 for adults.


  • Website (in Portuguese) for the Museum
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  • Video (in Portuguese) by the town hall of Mora
  • Article (in English) by Sul Informação describing the museum (published before the museum was opened in 2016)
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There are many prehistoric sites in the area, and the museum will tell you about many of them. The nearest is the Cromeleque das Fontainhas, just a few kilometers east of Mora.

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